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An improved and enhanced model of the established LifeSoS LS 9001A with programmable features using HyperSecureLink software and RS-232 adapter. It can be connect to a PC using an ethernet adapter and system can be controlled remotely over the internet via the computer access and a host of additional interfaces configured into the base unit.

IDA approved for use in Singapore
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LifeSOS LS-30
To protect your home or business with a professional security system LifeSOS LS-30 is to gain a full-time peace of mind. Whether you are on the premises or away, the LS-30 can provide automatic round-the-clock protection against break-ins, burglaries and fires. Additionally, the panic and medical help buttons can summon assistance or call for police in the event of attack, medical emergencies or even in a holdup or hostage situation.

The LifeSOS LS-30 is one of the most advanced WIRELESS security home/business automation system available to the market to date. It is configured to enable the end user to install it themselves and it is marketed as a DIY system.

The functions and features of the LS-30 are designed to meet both residential and commercial cum industrial uses and applications.

A summary of these features are:

• 288 sensors/ zones can be accommodated made up of:
• 32 Controller / Panic Devices Remote Controllers, Key Pads.
• 128 Burglary Sensors. Door/window sensors, PIRs (Passive Infrared), Glass Break Detectors, Flood Detectors.
• 64 Fire Sensors Smoke Detectors, Gas Detectors.
• 32 Medical Help Transmitters Medical Buttons, Inactivity Detectors.
• 32 Special Sensors Flood Detectors, Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors.
• Security and home/business automation.
• Computer and Internet interface. System can be simply programmed using HyperSecureLink software and RS-232 adapter in minutes. Connect to a PC using an Ethernet adapter and system can be controlled remotely over the internet. Reduces on site visits.
• Interactive programming with 16 x 2 LCD display. Just answer Yes/No prompts to program
• Detailed 512 events log with time tag.
• Password: 14 passwords.
• 16 programmable X-10 switches. Activate electric appliances or lighting
• Receiving RF signal strength indication and jamming detection.
• Robust multi-million RF coding and special transmission timing design avoiding interferences.
• Responds to panic, burglary, fire, medical alarm and environmental hazards. Plays recorded messages via phone informing of different alerts
• Burglar zones with supervised sensors. Base unit will alert low battery or sensor communication problem
• Door and window open/ close detection.
• Selects partial arming, program each sensor, on off, delay, door chime.
• Built in screamer siren
• Panic button
• Temperature, humidity and other sensors for environment monitoring.
• Built-in voice dialer stores up to 10 phone numbers, one pager and 2 CMS data links. (Contact ID code)
• Hands-free speakerphone, two-way voice communication. listen in and speak to anyone present.
• Dial-in control of listen-in, arm, disarm, event report and switch control.
• Latchkey function to inform parents by phone when kids leave or return home.
• Built in rechargeable 10 hour backup battery, optional backup extends to 16 hours.
• Optional range extender (Sensors normally have a range of 70 metres from base unit)
• Optional GSM communication module.
• Large range of accessories available


General specifications of LifeSOS LS-30    
Specifications of base unit

Input Power: 12VDC/300mA.
Standby Current: 60-90mA. (Depends on the receiver type and rechargeable battery)
Frequency: 433.92Mhz
Data Modulation: OOK (On-Off Key)
Power: Less than 10mW.
Range: About 70metres or more in open space, 25 !.
Receiver Type: Super heterodyne.
RF Security Code: 16,777,216 combinations with check sum for each type of sensors.
More than 4 billion combinations in total.
Dialing Type: Pulse/Tone selectable.
Preset Telephone Number: 10 phone numbers, one pager, 2 CMS data links.
Voice Recording: 120 seconds in total.
Emergency announcement in 6 segments, 13 seconds for common segment, 4 seconds each for Panic,
Burglar, Fire, Medical and Special segment.
Event Log: Max. 512 records.
Display: 3 LEDs, 2x16 LCD panel in blue color with backlight.
Sensor Zones: Total 288 zones. (Burglar zones x 128, Fire zones x 64, Controller zones x 32,
Medical zones x 32, Special sensor zones x 32)
Wire Sensor Input: Total 3 sensors.
Memory Back-up Time: Min. 3 months after power break.
Battery Operation Time: about 10-16 hours.10hrs. with built-in back up battery, 16hrs. with optional bat.)
Password: 14 passwords each with Max. 8 digits.
Alarm Out: 230V AC/ 3A rate relay contacts or 12V DC/200mA output.
Delay Activation Time: 0- 255 seconds programmable.
Switch Control Interface: 16 units of X-10 switch.
Digital Interfaces: RS-232 (9600/ 8 bits/ no parity/ 1 stop bit) or 10M/100M Ethernet (optional),
RS-485 (reserved).
Remote Display Memory: 32 characters/ set, total 10 sets.
Internal Siren: 110dB at 30cm distance.
CMS protocol: Ademco Contact ID.
Clock Accuracy: Within 5 seconds daily.
Telephone Line Cut Detection Voltage: 20V+/- 4V.
Operation Temp.: -10 !~40 !.
Storage Temp.: -20 !~55 !.
Size: 248x180x52 mm.
Weight: About 950 g

  Specifications of PIR

• Detector type: Dual elements, Passive infrared
• Coverage angle: 110 degree
• Effective distance: Max. 15M @ ambient temp.25C
• Power : 9V battery
• Current: Stand by @12uA, 5mA @ operation
• Pulse count : 2 or 3 pulses selectable
• LED On/Off selection

Specification of GAS/LPG detector

• Power: 230Vac
• Power consumption: 2W max.
• Alarm sensitivity : 3300ppm for LPG
• Built in alarm buzzer and RF transmitter
• This detector is to locate 30cm above the floor since LPG is heavier then air
• Detector can work alone without the base unit.

Specification of smoke detector

• Detection : Photo-electric chamber
• Sensitivity : meet UL 217
• Power: 9V battery
• Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 C
• Relative Humidity: 10%-85%
• Size: Diameter: 140mm x H 45mm
• Alarm sound level : 85dbm
• Indicator light: LED flashes every 45 seconds
• Current consumption : standby @4uA, Activation @11mA
• Actuation indicator : LED on, Buzzer On, RF transmission for FIRE
• Detector can work alone without the base unit

Battery low indication of sensor

• Door sensor (DS-1), PIR-1, Glass break sensor (GB-1) would send an "alive" signal to the base init periodically. If the base unit doesn't receive the signal for 4 hours then the corresponding zone LED would flash to remind you to check the sensor. In this case, remember to replace the battery first and press the TEST button on the sensor to resume its work
• For Smoke detector, it will beep periodically if the battery goes too low.

LifeSoS standard equipment  
Optional equipment

Gas leak detector
Smoke detector
Medical help button

Wireless siren


  • Base Unit
  • Wired siren
  • Wireless motion detector
  • Wireless door sensor
  • Remote control
Medical help button
Glass break detector
Wireless siren

Wired siren




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