Motorbike Alarm System

Do you ever wonder how to protect your motorbike when you left them unattended in car park, shopping center, void deck etc. The answer is to install an alarm system to your bike.

SecureCiti International and Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering together with our Taiwan manufacturer have develop an alarm system specially just for motorbike. This system come with not only alarm function but also bike finder and remote start function.

a.     4 button extended range RF remote control.                                         
b.    10 seconds siren duration when ever the alarm trigger.                                       
c.      Armed and disarm chip (s) confirmation.                                                             
d.      Bike finder function.                                                                                        
e.      Remote engine start function.                                                                           
f.       Built-in Eeprom to prevent codes from lost during total battery power loss.           
g.      Factory pre-coded transmitter (to prevent duplication)                                          
h.      False alarm free piezzo blade sensor.                                                               
i.       High power single tone siren.                                                                            
j.       Instant tampered trigger.                                                                                 
k.      Low voltage detector (L.V.D) "reset circuit"                                                          
l.       Multi function R/F remote transmitter.                                                               
m.     Fuse protection on all input and outputs.                                                           
n.      Remote siren mute, if trigger to prevent noise pollution.                                       
o.      Remotely adjustable 8 stages shock sensor.                                                     
p.      Silent arming and flashes on the bike lighting for confirmation mode.                    
q.      State of the art electronic microprocessor.                                                         
r.       Fully water resistant remote transmitter.                                                           
s.      Pager alert function output reserve.

The system package consist of the following items:

a.     1unit Main Microprocessor Controller (MC8)                                                      
b.     2 units 4 button function remote transmitter come with key chain.                       
c.     1 unit high power single tone siren.                                                                   
d.     2 sets of system cable and connector for connecting to the bike electrical system. 
e.     2 pieces of stick on "Velco" (to mount the controller to the bike body).    
f.      System instruction, installation and programmed manual.  
g.     Warranty card.

For detail system installation manual please download installation manual 96 KB for Programming manual download here 132 KB

The cost of the above motorbike alarm system c/w bike starter kit and bike finder function.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. What type of bike can I use this system?                                                                                                
A. The system works on most bike that uses 12VDC power to operate.               

Q. What happened if my bike is a kick start type.                                                                                          
A. If your bike is a kick start type, you will not be able to use the Remote start function that come with the system, however you can still use the alarm and bike finder function found on the system.

Q. If my bike have a problem to start in the morning will the remote start help?

A. No the remote start will not be able to help you to start your bike, as the remote start only act as the press switch on your bike but with the help of the remote transmitter.

Q. If the alarm trigger will it drain my bike battery?                                                                                       
A. No, once the alarm system is on ARMED mode, if the alarm trigger the siren will only sound for 10 seconds. after which if there is no activity on the bike the system will automatically go into the armed mode again.

Q. Can I set the sensitivity of my alarm system?                                                                                           
A. Yes you can. These system come with 5 stages factory setting sensitivity.

Q. Can my remote transmitter be lock to prevent unauthorized use?                                                          
A. Yes you can.

Q. If my bike need more than 1 cranking to start, can I still use this system?                                               
A. Yes you can. To get more cranking time, just keep on pressing the 4th button until engine start successfully. The longer you press the button the longer cranking time you will get.                             
Q. I will like to install the system myself, is the system easy to install?                                                       
A. Yes the system is a D-I-Y system and very easy to install as all wiring and installation diagram is clearly shown on the system manual and all connection to the controller is a plug and play type.

Q. Is the remote transmitter water resistant?                                                                                                 
A. Yes it is. No problem for the unit to be expose to rain.

Q. Is there any warranty come with the system.                                                                                          
A. Yes, the system come with a 12 months warranty against manufacturing defect.

The above system cost does not come with installation.

The above motor bike alarm consist of the following equipment as shown:

Note: This site was updated and republished on 01 June 2018. We will be further updating and improved this site when new material and product arrived.   



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