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Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering is probably Singapore largest Online security system design center, that cater to home owner, residential property, industrial property, commercial property, homeland security as well as international arena. When you engage Securitex to provide a solution to your problem if we cannot solve, we will get our global partners to assist. No resonable request will be turn down. Some of our high profile clients include Oiltanking Singapore Limited, Oiltanking Odfjell terminal Pte Ltd, Island Pipe Gas, Poval Asia Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd, SemCorp Air product, Halliburton, Shell Eastern Petroleum, Exxonmobil, Greif Singapore, Aik Moh Paint, ISK Singapore Pte Ltd, Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd, Denka etc........Schools, Financial institution, correctional facilities, palace, aviation facilities, pharmaceutical, vessel, electronics and chemical factories, court premises, commercial and industrial facilities etc.... you name the industries chances we are there. We also work with law enforcement agencies, military technologies and industrialist who needs special services that "THINK OUT OF THE BOX". When you think Security think SECURITEX

1 outdoor and 2 indoor Audio Video intercom system

Securitex Office Security Systems (Division)

The only Security System Company that provide a One-stop-all-In-One System for offices, from a Single office to a full building office security system.

Moving to new offices not only needs to get interior designer to work on the interior deco of the office but security of the office is also very important. Securitex with more than a decade experience in this special industries has receive many enquires from office owner that they are looking for security system for their new office and also to upgrade the existing system, some also request us to assist them to evaluate if their existing system can still be use etc, as such we have decided to provide these office owner with very relevant information about the office security system and what they must look for when looking for office security system. This information will help office owner like yourself better understanding on the system and make correct decision when getting such system.


Office Security Alarm System

Access Control with Downloading Port

L-Z-Bracket on Inward swing door

1 outdoor station and 1 indoor A/V intercom system\

EM Lock install on Fire Rated Glass Door



The office Security system are usually integrated together where the alarm system and are link to the phone and when activated the alarm system will call the owner.

HID Pin reader with Kocom intercom

Roger Card Reader without Pin Pad

Roger Card Reader with Pin Pad and Door Bell

Access Control system link to remote PC

EM lock install on Frameless Tempered Glass


Power Supply for Access Control System

Renovation of Office

Electromagnetic Lock install on frameless glass door

Door released button with Emergency Break Glass




KOCOM KCV-A372, D372 & A374

Intercom system is install between the main glass / wooden entrance and the office. A door station is located on the main entrance and in the office there is usually 1, 2 or 3 handset. When a visitor press on the intercom, the handset will activate and the staff can speak to the visitor. The intercom is also connected to the office access control system so the office staff can open the main entrance  from the handset. In area where the staff cannot see the visitor , audio/video intercom can be installed.



Securitex Access Control System is developed to ease the monitoring of movement in and out of office / building. However many people are not aware of the equipment involve in a complete access control system as such we have put together a very comprehensive set of system for your understanding on what are involve when you purchase an access control system from us and the work involve. At Securitex we carefully select only the best equipment in the industries to put together a complete system for your need. Our group of “Industrial trained” professional electrical and mechanical engineer together will see to your every need from a single door system to a network system. The Securitex locking system is so robust and elegant that it can be used in any kind of interior deco. This lock can be installed on wooden, metal and even sliding glass as well as swing door.

Remote control set for door access


(Close Circuit TV)                 HDCVI CCTV SYSTEM

CCTV in office are now very common. These camera are use as surveillance as well as security. Most CCTV system now used the Hard Drive to record and the images can be view from the office PC and even remote monitoring. TV monitor or dedicated monitor can also be use. In the more advance system, the owner can do remote monitoring from the internet as well


Quick Reference

User Manual

HID Card Reader

CCTV Monitor

Zoom Camera

Hidden Camera

Digital V R

Dome camera

Your One Stop Office Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Intercom and Office Automation Solution. At Securitex we do not offer the cheapest solution in office security system solution, but we offer high quality system that virtually maintenance free thus in the long run the owner actually save more on the maintenance this translate to cheaper system. Backup service is also the best in the industries with more than a few hundreds of offices in the office building and hundreds of offices in industrial, factory and plant premises and hundreds of offices in commercial building, thus you can be assured of the best service and standard.

Alarm system for office door

Door release Control from inside office

Access control install on glass door


DSC Security Alarm System

Below item shows the basic access control system accessories needed in a system

Micron / EzeKey / EzeProx


Access Control Power System





Note: Please note that although we provide free security consultancy service to office owner, any site visit to evaluate the system will be chargeable. ONLINE request with email consultancy services is free.

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