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Below are some of the quality system that we provide for our customers:

Intercom system

Audio & Video Intercom system

(Aiphone, Telecall, LT Telano. Urmet, Fermax, Trigon, DoorKing, Enterphone, Viscount, Enterphone Solo, Kocom, Commax, Kanrich, Philips, Samcom, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, etc)

Enterphone 2000 intercom system (using existing telephone system as intercom)

Trigon Miniguard II and the range of Trigon telephony intercom system c/w access control facilities.

For more brands that we carry please click on the image

Car park Automation system

Auto arm barrier system (LIBERALI, Cardin, Came, O&O, Amano, FAAC etc)

Auto gate system (Signal, FAAC, LIBERALI, Cardin, RIB Automation system , ATA, Elsema, Came, Nice, Cardin, Herostar, Roberto, Ranger, MAG, Wheels, Good 1, Albano, Elcom, SEA, Magnetic, Cidamatic and Aprigate etc) swing and sliding gate system.

For more brands that we carry please click on the image

Close Circuit Television system

Securitex CCTV system

CCD (Couple Charge Device) Camera B/W and colour.

Covert/Hidden camera. (Clock, PIR, Radio, toys etc)

PTZ high Speed Dome camera.

Video Conversion Services 

Digital Video Recorder and remote surveillance system.

Camera Lenses 

(Tokina, Computar, Ganz, Alvenir, Panasonic and OEM lenses)

CCTV Monitor colour and B/W 9,10,12,14,17,21" and LCD TFT.

Remote Observation system (Vguard system, Global-I, Everfocus and Avtech) etc.

Digital Video Recorder system ( Video e-Net XP2002/4/8/12/16 Digital Video Recorder)

Everfocus embedded Digital Video recorder system EDSR400H and EDSR1600P

Wireless Audio and video transceiver.

Wireless Elevator video transceiver.

Wireless Industrial transceiver.

Vehicle surveillance system.

Elevator control system (E-levatex-8 Tele-elevator-control system)

Corkey control system.

Syris Access Control system.

Roger Access Control system.

Fargo Access Card Printer DTC300, Persona C30 and Persona C30E

Virdi Biometric Access Control system.

EBELCO electromagnetic lock.

Algatec electromagnetic lock

Nortech Vehicle loop detector system.

Time Lapse Video Recording system (Discontinued but we still carry some discontinue system for replacement only)

(Brands like Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and JVC. Ganz, Samsung, Sanyo. We also carry OEM recorders form Taiwan and Korea ) Hour of recording ranges from 3,6,12,24 960 hrs

Auto Sequential and quads Switcher  (for 2,4,6,8,16 camera we also have dual page quad switcher etc)


Dedicated Micros, Nice cam, Panasonic 9,16 channel etc.

Pan & Tilt Equipment (indoor and outdoor)

CCTV camera Scanner (indoor)

Scanner controller

Camera Housing and Brackets (All weather resistant)

Card Access Control System.

HID, Castle, ELID, Servants, Syris, Roger, Ezekey & Ezeprox-Micron, Cryptag, Corkey card access control and also keypad control system.

We also carries Mag stripe reader, proximity reader, Mifare reader, Long ranger transponder system and other fully programmable access control system.

Biometric Fingerprint, Iris scan, Facial recognition system.

Security Alarm system (DSC and GE Security System-NX4, NX6 and NX8)

All Brands of alarm system and its accessories.

Securitex Security Panic System. 

Automation interface equipment

We also provide customized control relay circuit controller for ,access control system for building, apartment, car park automation system, auto gate system, factory automation system, lift access control system, building automation and many more.....

Remote control system.

Transmitter and Receiver controller (Elsema, Cardin, Rib, ATA and Prastel etc)

Computerised Guard Tour and management System (TouChecker model TC100 and TC200).

To all our client, in order to make it easier for you to understand and purchase our system, we have setup an E-store to sell and distribute all this equipment on-line. Please feel free to visit our store at Website:



Securitex Alarm system FAQ   Select right camera system Digital Video Recorder EDR 1600 Everfocus Remote receiver Elsema FMR212
Wireless alarm System LS9001A Monitor Employee Digital Video Recorder Video E-Net Chateau XP Remote receiver Elsema FMR224
Wireless alarm System LS9001A FAQ Monitor vacation home Baby &  Maid CCTV Surveillance System Remote transmitter Elsema FMT101NL
Wireless Intercom system Monitor Children Remote Tele-Surveillance & Global-I system Remote transmitter Elsema FMT301NL
2.4Ghz wireless AV system Monitor Maid Nanny Baby Sitter RIB Automation K5 & K10 Auto Sliding system Remote receiver Elsema FMR201
2.4Ghz wireless AV system FAQ Monitor & Protect Senior Citizen CAME G2500 & G4000 Guad barrier Remote transmitter Elsema 302NL
Servant Access Control system Monitor & Discourage burglary RANGER Auto gate SL1600 sliding Our system Auto gate division
Access control system Application SA 2000 Motion detector security alarm LIBERALI CARDIN Auto barrier system FAAC 750 Auto gate swing
TRIGON Tele-Entry system SA 2000 Motion detector security alarm FAQ O&O K4 & K6 Automatic  barrier FAAC 422 Auto gate swing  
Enterphone Tele-Entry system Motorbike alarm system FAAC 746 Auto gate sliding CAME Swing gate system
Ebelco Electromagnetic Lock Biometric Fingerprint system FAAC 844 Auto gate sliding CAME Sliding gate system
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