Do you ever wonder how to protect your senior citizen at home?

Recommendation at home

  • Your door should be installed with either a dead-bolt lock that comes with a one-inch throw, or a heavy duty drop-bolt lock. The lock you select should also be a pick-resistant cylinder type protected by a guard plate.

  • You must install a Security alarm system that is monitored on a 24-hours basis by a local central monitoring station, or the alarm signal should be diverted to your pager or mobile or some one not staying with you, eg. your children or neighbour. You must give them specific instruction on what they should do if their pager/mobile triggers with your code on it . This type of system affords you the best protection. If an emergency should occur, the authorities would be dispatched for you or in the case if you monitor the signal yourself you will be able to decide what to do . The same system can also be used to summon medical assistance.

  • You should install a door stopper with solid chain and wide-angle peephole to get a better and fuller view of the outside area.

  • You should not open the door until you are sure of your visitor's identity.

  • Never leave house keys under a mat, in the mailbox, or in any other "hiding" area near the door.

  • Once your house keys have been stolen or lost, replaced the lock cylinders, immediately.

  • Should you return home to find your door open or tampered with, DO NOT enter. Go immediately to a trusted neighbour and notify the police.

  • If you are awakened at night by an intruder try not to panic. Lie still and, at first opportunity, call the police. It will be good if you keep your mobile phone near your bed side. Also install a hardwire or wireless panic button near your bedside, thus in the emergency you can transmit a distress signal to call for help.

  • Install a security alarm system that come with a autodialler or medical distress function. Always carry a wireless handheld remote transmitter around your neck or wear them on your wrist. This transmitter when press will be able to transmit distress call to your alarm system which will further transmit the distress signal to a central monitoring station. This station will dispatch the necessary help to you.

  • When leaving for an extended period of time, ask a trusted neighbour to pick up all your mail and papers.

  • All windows and door should be locked at all time even if you are at home.

  • Install CCTV system especially camera (try to use a covert camera) that face the doors and windows. Have this video signal recorded 24 hours on a Time Lapse recorder. In the event your house is been broken in, this recorded tapes is a useful evidence for the police.

  • Never keep valuables at home, however if you have to, you should purchase a good and heavy safe to keep all valuables.

  • Your medical record should be place at a location which is easy to locate thus in an emergency the medical officer can access this record easily.

  • Always place emergency numbers eg. your doctors, local police , fire department , your relative etc, at a location where you can see. These numbers might save your life.

Recommendation on the street

  • You should try to use the buddy system and travel or shop with companions whenever possible, both during the day and at night.

  • You should not carry large sums of money in your purse. Always place your money, credit cards, identification, and keys in the inside pockets of your clothing.

  • Never carry weapons with you as they are illegal and this weapon can be used against you by an attacker.

  • You can carry a personal alarm with you, in the event of emergency you will be able to alert the people around you.

  • If you drive, be sure that your car is properly maintained. All doors and windows must be lock from inside even when stopping at traffic light.

  • Always park your car in well-lit areas. You should take note of the car park number when parking in a car park with multi-lots or multi-storey car park. Always check under your vehicle and in the back seat before entering.

  • If you must carry a purse, always carry it close to your body. Do not wrap the strap around your wrist or shoulder. This will make snatch thief easy.

  • In the public area always keep your purse on your lap. Do not place it on the floor, on another seat or on the back of a chair.

  • If your purse or handbag is snatched, let it go. DO NOT fight for it! Anything that is worth fighting for shouldn't be in there in the first place.

Con-man tricks

There are many different kinds of ways a con-man use to con you . To avoid becoming a victim:

  • Be suspicious of friendly strangers who offer goods or services at low rates.

  • Beware of friendly strangers who tell you they have found money and want to share it with you.

  • Be suspicious of telephone calls from someone claiming to be a bank official asking you to withdraw money from your account for any reason. Banks communicate business transactions in writing.

  • Do not hesitate to notify the police of any suspicious circumstances.

  • Be alert to schemes that involve removing your savings or other valuables from safekeeping and turning them over to somebody else.

REMEMBER! Nothing is free in this world!!!!

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