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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

  1. General specifications of the base unit

  2. General specifications of the PIR [PIR-1]

  3. General specifications of the GAS detector [ GA-1]

  4. General specifications of the Smoke detector [SM-2]

  5. Numbers of zone available on the LS9001A

  6. Numbers of remote control RC-1 allowed on one system

  7. What should I do if I lost the RC-1 remote control

  8. How to tell that the battery of the sensor is low

  9. How to program the auto dialer to send a code to my pager.

  10. Why the system keep calling the same number upon activation.

Specifications of base unit

  • Input power:12VDC/300mA. 

  • Standby current :60mA

  • Frequency : 433.9Mhz

  • RF range: 159Ft@ open field and ambient temp 25C

  • Security code: over 4.7millions

  • Dialing type: Pulse/Tone

  • Preset Telephone number: 9 numbers, max 32 digits for each number

  • Voice recording: Total 29 seconds

  • System activation : instant or 1-255 seconds delay

  • Password: 4 digits, user programmable

  • Partial arming mode: Even/odd zone, PIR disable

  • Operation back-up time: 4 hours b internal rechargeable battery

  • Alarm output contact : 120Vac/3A rated relay or 12Vdc/200mA

    Specifications of PIR

  • Detector type: Dual elements, Passive infrared

  • Coverage angle: 110 degree

  • Effective distance : Max. 15M @ ambient temp.25C

  • Power : 9V battery

  • Current: Stand by @12uA, 5mA @ operation

  • Pulse count : 2 or 3 pulses selectable

  • LED On/Off selection

        Specification of GAS/LPG detector

  • Power: 230Vac

  • Power consumption : 2W max.

  • Alarm sensitivity : 3300ppm for LPG

  • Built in alarm buzzer and RF transmitter

  • This detector is to locate 30cm above the floor since LPG is heavier then air

  • Detector can work alone without the base unit .

      Specification of smoke detector

  • Detection : Photo-electric chamber

  • Sensitivity : meet UL 217

  • Power: 9V battery

  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 C

  • Relative Humidity: 10%-85%

  • Size:  Dia. 140mm x H 45mm

  • Alarm sound level :  85dbm

  • Indicator light: LED flashes every 45 seconds

  • Current consumption : standby @4uA, Activation @11mA

  • Actuation indicator : LED on, Buzzer On, RF transmission for FIRE

  • Detector can work alone without the base unit .

       Number of Zone on the LS9001A

  • 9 burglary zone. Zone 1-9

  • 2 fire zone , 4 detector in one zone. Fire 1,2

  • one medical help zone. Zone 0 

  • one silence panic zone

     Number of Remote control allowed

  • 8 numbers of RC-1 or KP-1 can be used on the system

     What to do if RC-1 is lost

  • From  the base unit, cancel the code of the RC-1. Replace a new RC-1 and relearned it.

      Battery low indication of sensor

  • Door sensor (DS-1), PIR-1, Glass break sensor (GB-1) would send an "alive" signal to the base init periodically. If the base unit doesn't receive the signal for 4 hours then the corresponding zone LED would flash to remind you to check the sensor. In this case, remember to replace the battery first and press the TEST button on the sensor to resume its work

  • For Smoke detector, It will beeps periodically if the battery goes too low.

       Preset Pager number 

      [F][4][pager number ][C][*][code][*][*][memory no.]

      To Answer the Call from LS-9001A

  • If the telephone number doesn't need any DTMF tone acknowledgment, don't forget to say "hello" to respond to the base unit so that the base unit know that this call is successfully connected. Otherwise, the system will keep call this number

  • if the telephone number required a DTMF tone acknowledgment, don't forget to press a key on your phone for the base unit to identify this call is successfully connected.

  • Refer to page 24 on the operation manual for more details

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