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Economical Low power usage and no additional maintenance cost.

Reliable Responds quickly and accurately to the programmed numbers with PIR and magnetic sensors which detect any moving objects.

Simple Easy to install and use. Moreover, it is easy to re-locate.

Dial up to two different phones or pagers within seconds ; you can be easily reached anytime.

Main SA 2000 Motion detector Standalone Security System

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                                                           SA 2000 main unit                                   SA 2000 Back panel control

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SA 2000 Detection range

Motion detector Standalone Security System


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This alarm system, SA-2000, detects any movement and sends automatically alert message/sound to the programmed numbers. It consists of semiconductor circuit which reduces the size of the unit. The sensor, with powerful detecting function ,perceives movement and informs you instantly through programmed numbers of telephone, mobile phone or pager.

Accessories (Optional)

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The above accessories are supplied together with the main unit SA2000 unless those mark optional, thus system is very easy to install and set-up any where you need to be secured . All connections and installation is fully Do-it yourself.


How the system works?                                                   System Specification                                                    

1. During operation, SA-2000 uses PIR and magnetic sensors to detect intrusion.
2. When any moving objects are detected,SA-2000 immediately dials your mobile phone, pager or telephone.
You can also hear actual sound from the scene.
3. A powerful siren, which is activated after the first notification, is enough to drive any intruder away.
4. SA-2000 offers the best protection for both the office and home.

Size/Weight : 70mm*128mm*49.5mm/249g ( include batteries )
Detecting Sensor : advanced PIR sensor
Power : Battery ( AA 1.5V 4EA ), AC Adapter( 9V,600mA ) Detecting Range : Horizontally-80, Vertically-20 Detection
Distance : 8M
Sub Detecting Sensor : magnetic sensor (Door/Window intrusion)
Siren : 90dB for 30 seconds
Operating temperature : -10c~ 35c (14F ~95F)

We have prepare an FAQ page to answer all your question please CLICK here for FAQ page and CLICK here to download the FAQ in PDF format.

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