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Established in 1948-Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Aiphone Co. Limited in Nagoya, Japan exports to over 60 countries. Aiphone Corporation is the Sales, Marketing and Distribution center for North America, and Aiphone Europe is their sales and Distribution center for the European market.

Systems for every applications-Aiphone products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security/communication systems. They are unrivaled in design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability. With over 30 standard systems, and additional manufacturing by special order, we can create a system for virtually any intercom application.

Designed to last-Every Aiphone system is the result of painstaking attention to detail: contemporary European style design, the finest quality hardware and circuitry, engineered, built and 100% pre-tested for sustained trouble free service.

Winner of the Deming Prize-Aiphone is the first and only intercom manufacturer to win the Deming Prize, the highest international award for quality control. Named in the honor of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the award honors firms worldwide which advance and maintain manufacturing quality.

ISO-9001- Aiphone is the first intercom manufacturer worldwide to receive ISO 9001 certification, and the only one selling in North America. An agency representing the International Standards Organization (ISO), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, graded Aiphone against guidelines for design and development, production, and product inspection and testing. ISO 9001 standards provide an immediate recognition of product quality almost anywhere in the world.

ISO 1400-ISO's Environmental Standards are a series of voluntary standards and guideline reference documents which include environmental management systems, eco-labeling, environmental auditing, life cycle assessment, environmental performance evaluation, and environmental aspects in products standards.
In early 1998, our management team determined to acquire ISO- 14001 approval as a company-wide project, and working committee was established at the same time. Since then, with our ongoing efforts and practice about environmental management standards, we have succeeded to acquire the approval.

Intercom Model Intercom Image Capacity  Function Brief Description Description Download Spec & manual
Station locates a person through external speakers.
Station communicates with outside remote station.
Answering station presses a button for opening the door.
Station is called by external device.


Open Voice Intercom system 1door and 1 room

Single door open voice access control system . Adjustable transmit (front) and tone volumes. AC/DC power supply







Open Voice Intercom system 1master and 3 room

Open voice communication. Press-to-talk at master, hands free at remote. LE sub stations: either door station or room sub station. Voice volume control.





Open Voice Intercom system 40 station

Intermixable system with any number of masters and subs to max. capacity. Selective call from any master with hands free reply. LEF surface and LEF-C semi-flush units can be intermixed. Variety of sub stations are available. Weather-resistant door stations (any number) with selective door release. System options: Pan/Tilt door/monitor (s). All Call/Music/Chime. Selective door release with LEF-5/10/10S (w/RY-PA)  




Open Voice Intercom system 1 door to 10 room

LEF&MYW-P1L. Single Pan/Tilt door & 2 or more video monitors. Electronic tone call-in. Door selection & Reply from any LEF master station. Hands Free video monitoring




Open Voice Intercom system 3 door to 8 room

LEF&MYW-P3L. 3 Pan/Tilt doors & 2 or more inside video monitors. Selective door release activation. Audio & video monitoring from any master/monitor station. Surface & semi-flush video monitors.


  LEF Component Selection



Handset Intercom

Station is called by external device.

Handset intercom 1 master and 3 sub

Handset master-sub intercom w/2 additional subs (optional). Battery status LED. Batteries or DC power supply. Buzzer or bell activation (optional)






Handset Intercom 25 station system

All-master selective ring system. Single-master configuration or intermix w/TD-1H/B. Multi-conductor cable in loop. Multi-talk channels. Door station (s), audio or Pan Tilt video (max. 2). Zone paging, with or without talkback.





Handset Intercom with Privacy 13 station system

This system features 7 or 13 identical station, full trunk all-master configuration. No break-in call. Home run wiring to CT-Z. Zone page (s) in lieu of station (s)



up to 90 station


Handset Loop-wired intercom. 90 station.

This system do not requires a central exchange unit. Microprocessor built-into each.

Capacity up to 90 stations. 3 communication paths. paging or multiple zone paging with optional talkback. Wiring distance up to 2900m max with 0.8mm (diameter) wire.





RCX-Duplex Intercom system

This system configuration c/w 48, 88 and 128 stations. Add XC-092 cards (1 per stations) to expand system. Multiple talkpaths, expandable with XC-091 trunk card. RCX-48/B: 4 expandable to 12. RCX-88/B: 8 expandable to 16. RCX-128/B: 12 expandable to 20. Paging up to 4 zones with optional talkback. Voice actuated hands free or handset communication. All call through stations. Simple 2 twisted pair wiring. Stations up to 3 km max, away with o.8mm diameter wire.  





AI-900 Commercial Security Intercom System

This system is specially designed for applications in such facilities as office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, parking facilities and prisons. It integrates seamlessly with existing security and video surveillance systems to provide a significantly higher level of security for you.





NEM/C Lamp memory intercom system

Masters in 10, 20, 30, and 40- station sizes with or without handset. Lamp memory LED abd tone annunciation, cancels only when call is answered. All call built-in. Press to talk at master or use handset, hand free at sub. Group call up to 10 subs at a time. Background music (NB-U 10W lamp)




TC-M internal telephone type intercom

Single or dual master system, expandable to 60 stations. 10 and 20 call masters with 20 to 40 call add on selectors. Handset sub stations. Pick up handset to call with tone and LED annunciation ar master. handset subs can talk to each other through connection at master. Choice of 3 door station adaptors TB-AD1 for One IE/IF audio door (up to 3) or one TB-AD10 for up to 10 IE/IF doors, or one TB-ADM10 for up to 10 MY Pan/Tilt doors with auto-scan feature (monitor TV or Time lapse VCR: 525 lines only)  










MP-S Mid-Power Intercom system

This system is for gas stations, drive through windows and gates entries. 1 and 3-call master stations single master system. 2.5W output power for higher noise areas. Hands free reply from remote station 8 Omh horn or speaker can be used as sub. Optional call button at sub.






AP-M High-Power Intercom system

This system is a single or Dual Master station. High output power for large or noisy areas. 1,5 and 10-call masters available. Separate transmit and receive volume controls Variety of sibs or use 8 Omh horn or speaker.


  Business Accessories   This section shows various accessories like relay, Auxiliary light power control ceiling sub stations etc.




  This section shows the call extension IER-2, electric door strike EL-9S and door release relay RY-PA etc.



 Power Supply

  This section shows the various power supply and adapters used in the Aiphone range of intercom system.


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